Dog Walking

Professional services for Ottawa and Gatineau

Active Dogs = Happy Dogs

Many dog problems are related to inactivity, boredom and lack of socialization. We’re here to help! We provide the perfect dog walking solution to make sure your dog is active and stimulated while you’re at work, on holiday or just busy with life.

We offer professional, reliable and fun dog walking. With services that explore Ottawa’s best dog parks, the Gatineau Hills, or the calm comfort of your own backyard, we can tailor our dog walking services to fit your needs.

Group Adventure Dog Walking

Keep your dog happy, healthy and social with our most action-packed service! Your dog will join a group for an on-leash or off-leash wilderness experience to blow off some steam with the pack.

Private Dog Walking

Treat your little prince or princess to an exclusive, 1-on-1 experience. This is great for those that deserve our full attention, don’t get along with others or can’t walk for a full hour.

dog relief breaks

A short break during a lonely day can go a long way to keeping you, your dog, and your carpets happy. We’ll let your dog out for a quick bathroom break so you don’t have to worry if your day goes a little long.

What our customers are saying

“Julie is amazing, I rescued Chance who had lots of issues and was weary with anyone new, but with Julie it was love at first sight with Chance and with her help and patience Chance is becoming a very sweet and good boy. Everytime he comes home he watches till he doesnt see her anymore crying and every morning he waits for her. Honestly if it wasn’t for Julie and how good she is, I’m not sure things would be working out so well with him. I appreciate her and all she does. She obviously has the gift with dogs 😊”

– Ginette S. (Dog Owner)

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