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Protect Your Dog From Ticks in Ontario (2019)

What you need to know to keep your dog safe Summer is finally here! For many dog owners in Ontario, that means a great opportunity to get outside and enjoy the incredible nature that we’re surrounded by in this province and the ones nearby. Whether you’re exploring the best dog...

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Shefford Road Dog Park Ottawa @chewy_and_indy

Best Dog Parks in Ottawa

Off Leash Dog Parks Fenced Dog Parks Dogs need regular exercise and socialization with other dogs and humans to be at their happiest, and one way to give your dog both at once is by taking them to the dog park. Here in Ottawa, we’re lucky to be spoiled with a wide range of parks […]

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Why, When and How to use Dog Muzzles

Why, When and How to Use Dog Muzzles

If you were like me and grew up watching Disney movies like Lady and the Tramp then you may think that muzzles are for aggressive dogs only. Muzzles have this innate ability to make people afraid of the dog wearing them. This negative energy from people may make the dog more anxious and confused, and […]

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